Cardholder names do not appear in when submitted through Blackbaud NetCommunity

NetCommunity does not parse the name that it sends to the payment vault, and some gateways require that it be parsed. When using an merchant account, users receive the following error: "FIELD cannot be left blank" error.

The cardholder name can be entered on the credit card transaction on the Blackbaud NetCommunity form.  However, when submitted to be processed using, the cardholder names do not appear in's records.
This is resolved in the latest version of NetCommunity. If this behavior is persistent, please confirm you’re on the latest version of NetCommunity.


 Blackbaud NetCommunity
 Patch 1
 6.45, patch 0
 6.45.2034, patch 1 ; 6.50.810

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