How to determine why a credit card payment failed

A participant or donor may make a payment/donation via credit card for a transaction in Blackbaud Sphere. If the credit card transaction fails, this solution covers different reasons why this may occur.
  1. Confirm that the event is in Active mode instead of Preview mode - Communities > Special Events > Friends Asking Friends > Kintera Thon > Your Event > Webinfo Checklist
  2. Confirm that the credit card type is enabled by navigating to Website Info > Website Features and scroll down to the Credit Card options section
  3. Confirm that the correct card type was selected during submission
  4. Set address verification to check based on address OR zip, selecting verification to check based on both address and zip will increase the risk for error. To change this setting:
    - Navigate to Control > Administration > Organization Setup > View/Edit Org Info
    - Select Edit
    - Select Require either address or zip/postal code verification
    - Choose Save 
    NOTE: Address verification does not apply to payments entered through Bookkeeping
  • Have the donor verify they are entering the correct CVV2 security code on the card
If none of these suggestions answer why a card failed, Chat With Support and reference this article. 

Please include information from the payment, including the date of the payment as well as the name of the supporter.


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