1. Log in here.
  2. Go to ReportsJournal across the top.
  3. Click on ACHEFT Transactions.
  4. Click on Advanced Search.
    • When you get to the search, the drop down will automatically show "Customer Name". This option can be the hardest to get results out of.
  5. Put in your search term. Make sure there is no space or spaces before or after your search term.
  6. Select something from the drop down other than "Customer Name".
  7. Select your date range.
  8. Select the radio button of choice.
  9. Click on Search.
  10. Click on magnifying glass on the right of your search results.
If you try to do another search and find no results, go back to step 2 as sometimes you have to clear everything out to do another search.

Note: The Processor Transaction ID as returned by Luminate is actually the Invoice Number when searching in IATS.