1. Go to Tickets > Sales Methods.
  2. Click on Online Sales.
  3. On the delivery methods tab, add eTicket as a delivery method.  Mark "Set as Default Delivery Method" if this should be the default for Online Sales.
  4. Go to Web > eTickets under configuration.
  5. Edit the header and footer text, if needed.  Note: You cannot edit the content in the box with the bar code.  Those details are generated automatically.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Next, the eTicket link must be added to the Default Acknowledgement Email. From Web, click on Default Acknowledgement Email under Configuration
  8. In the text of the email, add a statement similar to:  If you purchased a ticket, you can print it here.
  9. Click Insert, then Merge Fields.
  10. Click the plus sign to expand the Summary area.
  11. Then click the plus sign to expand the eTickets area.
  12. Drag the Begin link to eTickets page to before the "here" in your email text.
  13. Drag the End link to eTickets page to after the "here" in your email text, as seen here: http://screencast.com/t/3YkthESveg60.
  14. Save the Acknowledgement email.
  15. Patrons will now be able to click the link in their order acknowledgement to access their eTickets.