Make sure the Membership Program Allows Automatic Renewal
  1. Click Memberships > Click on the name of the membership
  2. Click on the General Tab > Click edit
  3. Mark Allow automatic renewal 
  4. Click save
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Mark the membership for Automatic renewal during the transaction
  1. Click Constituents > Constituent search
  2. Search for and select the constituent
  3. Click add Membership under the task menu in the upper left hand corner of the screen
  4. Under the "What are they Paying for?" section choose your membership program, level, and term
  5. Mark "Renew this membership automatically when it expires. (Credit Card Required)
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  7. Enter the credit card information
  8. Click save

To edit an already existing membership
  1. Click Constituents > Constituent Search
  2. Search for and select the constituent
  3. Click the memberships tab on the constituent's record
  4. Click the other tasks button next to the membership > Click edit membership details
  5. Mark Renew automatically by credit card and enter your credit card information
  6. Click save
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Note: With our 5.10 release Altru no longer uses the flagged for auto renewal process that allowed you to flag a membership and then process the membership payments manually. Instead you can use this feature to have Altru automatically charge the cards without the need to build a query and charge the cards individually.