Use the Global Pledge Write-Off Function to remove multiple pledges in a selection at one time: 
  1. Go to Revenue and under Processing, click Global Pledge Write-Off
  2. Click Add to add a new write-off process
  3. Name your process
  4. Under Selection, add a selection of pledges to write off. This selection can be an existing revenue query, or you can create a query on the fly by clicking the Search icon, then clicking Add from the search screen. This selection should contain only the pledges you would like to write-off.
  5. Select a Post Status and Post Date if applicable
  6. Select your Write-off Reason and add any comment. This reason will be applied to all of the write-offs. 
  7. Save your Process
  8. When you are ready to write-off your pledges, click Start Process. 

Use the Pledge Write-Off Batch to write-off multiple pledges or specific installments: