The following items should be considered or documented prior to beginning the move:
  1. Review the System requirements, to ensure that the new server meets the minimums. Keep in mind, these system requirements assume that the Raiser's Edge Web Service server (REWS) and the Blackbaud NetCommunity web server are on separate machines.
  2. If you are not going to leave your current server in place until after the installation, make copies of your web.config files. If you are on version 6.41 or later, there will be three. These will be located in the following locations depending on your installation:
    • C:\Program Files\blackbaud\bbappfx\vroot
    • C:\Program Files\blackbaud\NetCommunity
    • C:\Program Files\blackbaud\PluginService
  3. Open one of the web.config files, and make note of the line within <connectionstrings> that looks something like: ConnectionString" value="Server=[ServerName];user id=[UID];pwd=[PASSWORD];database=[DATABASE NAME]  You will be asked to enter this during the installation on the new server.  (TIP: This line is easier to find if you open the web.config file with notepad, and use CTRL+F to pull up the Find function, and search for "connectionst")
    • Note: C:\ is only applicable if BBNC is installed on the C drive, if it is on a different drive letter, go to the program files folder on that drive
  4. Install Raiser's Edge and Education Edge (if your organization uses Education Edge) on the Raiser's Edge Web Server like a local workstation or terminal server. If your REWS and NetCommunity Webserver are not the same then install on the server that will become REWS.
At this point, you are ready to run the installer on your new web server. The steps below outline the installation process:
  1. Download the following files from the Downloads Page of
    bbinstallerXXX.exe (where XXX = the version of NetCommunity, i.e. bbinstaller645.exe)
    bbinstallerXXXpatchYY.exe (where xxx = the version of NetCommunity and YY = the Patch number, i.e. bbinstaller645patch27.exe)
    pluginXXXpatchyy.exe (where XXX = the version of NetCommunity and YY - the Patch number, i.e. plugin645patch27.exe) - this workstation-specific installer is used to install or update the NetCommunity plugin. This installer must be run on each workstation that needs to download data from NetCommunity into The Raiser's Edge or The Education Edge/BBSIS. 
    • Warning: this workstation plugin file should never be run on the NetCommunity Server or Raiser's Edge Web server.  Doing so will render NetCommunity unavailable until the NetCommunity components are uninstalled and reinstalled.
  2. Access that server as a local administrator and place the BBInstaller, as well as the current patch installer on to your local web server
  3. Run the BBInstaller.exe, you will be prompted to enter the connection string, run through all of the prompts, and begin installation
    • Note: If you have a separate servers for NetCommunity Web and REWS you will install: "NetCommunity web site," "Plugin Service," and "Core components" on the BBNC web server, On the REWS server, the following will need to be installed: "The Raisers Edge Web Service,"  "Raiser's Edge Plugin," and if you have Education Edge, "Education Edge plugin". If you have everything on one server then you will install them all at once.
  4. After the installer finishes, note if there are any failures, if you are upgrading after having skipped several versions, there is a chance that the task "Run Service Revisions" has failed (Skip to step 6 if it didn't fail). If it has, try rebooting the server, then navigating to (C:\Program Files\Blackbaud\bbappfx\MSBuild\) then opening bbAppFx.Config, on the left hand side click on "RunServiceRevisions" ensure that the SqlConnectString is correct, then click "Go." This may have to be repeated many times, but this is only the case if you are upgrading at the same time as the server migration. If it runs for a time, then fails, repeat. If it ever fails immediately, contact support.
  5. You may now run the patch installer and move through the prompts.
  6. After the patch is finished, if you have a separate REWS server that needs to be migrated or updated, please see the considerations for migrating REWS
Once this is complete, go back to the server where you have installed Blackbaud NetCommunity, open a browser and navigate to http://localhost/testconfig.aspx to review if there are any errors. If errors are encountered, you can search Knowledgebase for steps to resolve the error. If necessary, update your DNS records to point to the new Blackbaud NetCommunity server or ensure that the new server is accessible via the same IP address as the old.