If there is only one transaction to move:

1.        Open the transaction that needs to be moved.
2.        From the transaction, select “Change Constituent on Payment”
3.        A new window pops up allowing you to define the constituent’s name, what you would like to reload to ensure that the automatically defined information is correct (ex: Solicitors, recognition credits, and Matching Gift Claims).  

If you are moving all revenue to a new constituent but would like to keep the original constituent record:

1. Open BBEC
2. Select Constituents
3. Open the constituent and select Relationships.
4. Remove the relationship between the family members.
5. Select Constituents
6. Select Duplicates
7. Select Constituent Merge
8. Click on the Merge Configuration
9. Add a new Merge Configuration
10. Unmark everything except revenue
11. Save the Constituent Merge
12. Select Constituent, Duplicates
13. Merge two constituents
14. Select the Source record. This will be the record that current has the revenue.
15. Select the Target record. This will be the record that you would like the revenue to go to.
16. Merge configuration, select "Revenue Only"
17. Choose to mark the constituent as inactive and define the inactive reason.
18. Merge the records.
19. From the constituent’s record, click on revenue and recognition, make sure that the gifts are located on the constituent.
20. Select Constituent, Constituent Search
21. Search for the inactive constituent and reactivate his record
22. Once active, Select relationships and add the relationship back.
23. Select Revenue and recognition.
24. Notice that the revenue is gone.