Adding to the compatibility view settings in IE 9, 10 or 11:
  1. Just under the address bar in IE, you may have menu options for: File  Edit   View  Favorites  Tools  Help.
  2. If not, right click in the empty space on the browser bar, just below the address bar and you should get a pop up menu with the following options:Menu Bar, Favorites Bar, Command Bar, Status Bar, etc…
  3. Put a check by Menu Bar. The popup will close an you will now see the menu options.
  4. Click Tools
  5. Click Compatibilty View Settings and a window will open
  6. In the space labeled Add this Website:  enter as well as
  7. Click Add and it will be added to the box below it
  8. Click Close
  9. Refresh your browser by pressing F5  on the keyboard
(If you're using a surface tablet the steps to add compatibility settings may be a little different. You will need to access Internet Explorer through the desktop view instead of the tile view. The you can follow the instructions in the following article to add and to the compatibility view settings:

Another option if there are still compatibility issues:
  1. Log out of Sphere
  2. Open new IE browser Window
  3. Click F12 on Keyboard
  4. Select Browser IE7
  5. Log into sphere
  6. This will make this browser session IE7 and will eliminate issues.  When you close the browser, it goes back to IE9.

Contact Support and reference this article. 
Please include the following information:
  • A screenshot of the issue in IE 9, 10 or 11 
  • Expected result
  • Operating system type and version