In order to see Actions (accessible from the home screen of the app), the user logging into the app must be listed as the Assigned Solicitor on Actions for individual constituents in The Raiser's Edge.  For more information on this procedure, review How to add a solicitor to an action in The Raiser's Edge 7.

The actions that appear in the app are specific to what area you’re looking at:
Alerts at the top of homescreen are shown to indicate the number of actions that the current user is the assigned solicitor on that are overdue
When viewing the Homepage > Actions view, users can see the overdue actions or toggle to the upcoming 7 days of actions that they are the assigned solicitor on.
If the user goes to a specific constituent record, they will be able to see all actions (unless security is set up to limit rights to view certain actions)
When the user creates an action from the app, they will be assigned as the solicitor for that action (provided the RE user is set with a constituent record-which has to be a solicitor)