Certain events are missing from the web forms calendar

When viewing the specific program events under Web > Manage program forms, you are viewing the calendar of events and notice that several of the events are missing when you click Other Dates. 
Try the following until it is resolved: 
  1. Go to the program from Tickets > Program Search.  Go to the Event List Tab.  Verify the events are scheduled.
  2. Go to the On-Sale tab.  Verify that the program is sold in Online Sales and that the event is still within the on-sale period of time.
  3. Go to the Event list tab.  Click on the event that is not showing online.  Click on the Prices tab, and verify there are prices defined.
  4. Go to Web > Manage Program Forms.  Search for the program.  Under the program, make sure all the events are approved for the web.  If they are not, click on the green downward arrows next to the event name, then click Enable Online Sales.
Chat with Support and reference this article. 



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