How do the mobile app and the mobile event management app use RE user licenses?

Anytime a user logs into The Raiser's Edge or has to access the database via an integration, a user license is typically used.
RE mobile app:
Mobile app users "lightly" use a user license.  When a user searches for data in the app, a user license will be used for the search and will be held for 5 minutes so that the task can be completed.  Then, even though the user is logged into the app, the user license will be released until another request is made.

If your organization uses The Raiser's Edge Enterprise, user licenses for your database are not shared with the app.  Instead, databases using The Raiser's Edge Enterprise have separate licensing for 25 concurrent mobile users.  It is not necessary to install a new license key for the mobile users.  This is done automatically.

Event Management app:
The Raiser's Edge mobile event management app will NOT lock a user license.  This allows for simultaneous use during events without license limitations.

For more information on the difference between RE Mobile app and Event Management App, see What is the difference between the Mobile App and the Event Management App?




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