To search for an individual transaction using Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS):

  1. Log into the BBMS Web Portal
  2. Click Transactions > Transaction Search
  3. Enter the date of the transaction, account holder or amount in the search field
  4. Click Search

Possible results:

  • The transaction was Approved OR the transaction was Declined. To confirm additional details click the ellipses and then Details of any transaction item from the list to see details such as the gateway result code or decline code.
  • The transaction does not appear. If so, the transaction was not processed through BBMS.​

To check the status of a batch (credit card or direct debit) using Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS):

  1. Log into BBMS:
  2. Click Transactions > Batch Search
  3. Enter the date the batch was submitted or a date range to search for batch information
  4. Choose to filter by credit card batch or direct debit batch (optional)
  5. Click Search

Batch results:

  • Gateway processing – the batch is currently processing
  • Completed – batch is completed with all items returned with authorization or rejection codes
  • Completed with errors – batch results contain items with validation or processing errors

To review the batch contents in detail:

  • Click the ellipses of the batch line item to view the individual transactions
  • Ellipses > Details of any item to see additional transaction details such as gateway result code or decline code

If BBMS is not being used to process transactions, each Gateway provides a tool of their own to check the status of transactions.

If you are receiving errors within your application when processing the payment, not within BBMS, please click Chat with Support.