Please note: Currently Blackbaud Hosting Services does not support iOS. While this is subject to change in the future, please connect to Blackbaud Hosting Services with a computer running Windows or Mac OS. Should you wish to proceed with accessing hosting through your iphone or ipad, please find steps below which will enable to you to do.

1.       Download the Citrix Receiver application through the Apple App Store on your iPad.
2.       Press the Citrix Receiver icon on your iPad desktop to launch the installer which will bring you to a welcome screen.
3.       Press the Add Account button to go to the New Account screen.
4.       In the URL field, type in the URL for the appropriate data center and press Next.

· Boston:

· Orange County:

· Vancover:

· EU (Amsterdam):

5.       On the next screen, enter your “user name”, “password” and “domain”and press the “Save” button. Because this is for a Blackbaud hosted application, the domain will always be “blackbaudhost”. For example:
·         User name = User123
·         Password = Password123
·         Domain = blackbaudhost
6.       When the next screen appears, you will choose what applications to add to your Citrix Receiver dashboard. The applications showing will only be applications available to that user (as determined by the Administrator in User Admin when creating a new Citrix user). To add an application perform the following steps:
1.       Press the Star icon
2.       Press Add Favorite
3.       Application will be added to the dashboard

NOTEAt this point Citrix Receiver is set up and the dashboard has been created.
7.       To access the newly created dashboard, either press the Apps tab beside the list of applications to close the list of applications or press anywhere in the open space of the Dashboard.