To run MatchFinder on an individual record, we follow the steps below:

1. Open the individual record.
2. Click Business.

If the Organization name field is not blank:
3. Select the General 2 tab to quickly view matching information.
4. Select the MatchFinder button.
5. Review the matching information on the following screen.

If the Organization name field is blank:
1. Enter the organization name to which your consistent is associated, and select the binoculars.
2. The search screen will open. Click Find now.
3. If the organization name appears, double-click on it. If the organization name does not appear, close this screen.
4. Go to Relationship > Add this organization as a constituent > Save.
5. Select the General 2 tab.
6. Select MatchFinder.
7. Click Find now.
8. To fill in the biographical and matching information about the organization, double-click the company name.
9. Choose the fields you would like to import from MatchFinder onto the record:
Organization Name
Phone Number
Fax Number
Web Address
Matching Gift Information
Create Contact Relationship
10.Click yes to the following dialogue box.