Try each of the following steps until the issue is resolved: 
  1. In Tickets, Resources, ensure that a price has been associated with the resource.  If not, highlight the row and click Edit to change the pricing structure. 
  2. If the reservation is using flat rate pricing, go to Sales, Group Sales, and select Group Sales Settings in the left side menu. 
  3. On the Flat Rate Pricing tab, click the hyperlinked rate scale to open it. 
  4. On the Included resources tab, ensure that the resource is not selected to be included (or it is not set to Include all resources).  If it does, click Edit and remove the resource or unmark the Include all resources checkbox.  
  5. If you edited the rate scale in step 4, in Group Sales, open the reservation and click Edit reservation in the Tasks menu.
  6. Change the pricing structure to Per ticket and Save. 
  7. Click Edit reservation again and change the pricing structure back to Flat rate and select the rate scale.  This allows the new rate scale settings to apply to the reservation.