1. Go to the Memberships tab, scroll down and click Enter Membership Dues 
  2. Click Add and in the Batch Template field select Membership Dues Batch
  3. Enter the projected number of membership payments and the projected amount for all payments in the batch and Save
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  1. Indicate a gift membership by selecting “Giving a membership to someone else” or a personal membership by selecting
    “Paying for a membership”
    1. For personal memberships: In the Name field, enter the name of the constituent paying for the membership. If this is a Renewing Member responding to a renewal notice, enter the Finder Number to track response rates and the appeal
    2. or gift memberships: In the Name field, enter the name of the constituent the membership is being given to. Choose who should receive the Renewal Notice (Giver, Receiver, or Both) in the drop down
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  1. Select what the patron is paying for in the "What are they paying for?" section. If this is a renewing member within the
    renewal window, a Renew option will be available. If the member is outside the renewal window, a mid-term Upgrade
    option will be available. If this is a new member, choose the Program, Level, and Term for the new member
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  1. Add any membership promotions or discounts in the "Is there a discount or promotion?" section
  2. If the membership level allows multiple members, add additional members to the membership
  3. Determine which member(s) should receive a card and what the Name on card will be
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  1. If the member is adding a donation, enter the donation amount and choose the correct designation in the "Are they giving
    a donation?" section
  2. Add the payment method
  3. Click Next Payment
  4. Once you have entered all membership payments, click Done
  5. You will be taken back to the Enter Membership Dues page
  6. If you did not enter any credit card payments for this batch of membership dues, you can commit the dues payments immediately. However, if there were credit card payments included, you must run Credit Card Processing first before committing the batch
    1. If there are no credit card payments, on the Enter Membership Dues page click the drop-down arrow next to your batch, click Commit, then click Start
    2. If this is a batch with credit card payments:
      1. Go to Revenue > EFT > Credit Card Processing
      2. Click the drop-down arrow next to your process and click Start Process
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  1. Search for and select the membership dues batch that you just completed that includes credit cards to be processed
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  1. Click Start
  2. Once the process finishes, go to Revenue > Batch Entry, and select the Uncommitted Batches tab
  3. Click the drop-down arrow next to it and Edit
  4. Confirm that there are authorization codes (this confirms the card was successfully charged - a normal code is generally 5 or 6 characters)
  5. Click Save and close the batch
  6. Click the drop-down arrow next to the batch and click Commit
  7. Ensure the option Create Control Report is checked and click Start
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Note: If you have a large amount of memberships that need to be added to your Altru database you can use the membership import process to import the transactions from an Excel spreadsheet