Here are the steps to print an individual member card from a constituent's record. Before you begin printing individual cards, you will want to make sure you have the correct member card template selected on the Benefits tab of your Membership Program. For more information, see our related solution: Membership Card is printing with the incorrect format from the Constituent Membership Record
  1. First, you will need to open the membership record:
    1. You can open the constituent's membership by going to Memberships > Member Search and searching for the member name.
    2. OR You can perform a Constituent Search and open their Constituent record. Go to the Memberships tab on the constituent record and click the hyperlinked name of the membership you need to re-print a card for. 
  2. Next, on the Membership record, scroll down to the In the Member Cards box. Here you will see the current and previously issued cards. You can also click on the arrows to the left-hand side of the card to see more details (including the print status) of a specific card: User-added image 
  3. If you need to print a card that has the Status of "Issued," you can simply click the Print button beneath the card. This will generate a merged file for you to print: User-added image
  4. If you need to re-print a card that has the Status of "Printed," you can click the Clear Print Status button, then follow Step 3 above to click the Print button. User-added image
  5. If you need to Issue a New Card, (for example, if the member lost their previous card and they need a replacement), click the Issue new card button: User-added image
    1. Important: If you receive this message, "The membership has reached the maximum number of cards allowed," this means the membership already has the maximum number of active cards. To resolve this error, you can mark another card as Cancelled (for example, if the member lost their card, you could mark their previous card as Cancelled). To do this, click the Cancel button beneath the member card. User-added image