Approved invoice request has a status of In Progress, and no invoice was created in The Financial Edge.

When the final approver on the approval rule approves an invoice request, it does not update the status and no invoice is created on the vendor record in The Financial Edge. 
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Steps to Duplicate

1.  In Web Invoicing, Open affected Invoice request
2.  On this history of changes notice that the last action is Approval by specific approver
3.  This is the last user in the approval rule
4.  Requestor is Jane Smith
5.  Notice the Status is In Progress, but history of changes show it was approved by Approver on 6/8/2011
6.  In FE open vendor record
7.  On the activity tab notice there is not an invoice with transaction number WI-[invoice number]
(There is however an invoice with no transaction number, dated 6/16/2011 with the description of WI-[invoice number] that was manually created by the client.)


 Web Portal ; 7.82.104, patch 28

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