* Before submitting your data for the Giving Score, please be sure to review What to consider before submitting data for Giving Score
To submit your data for the Giving Score rating, follow the steps below:

  1. In the Data Health Center, on the Giving Score row, click Submit Your Data.

    GivingScore Submit
  2. On the 'Create Giving Score Export File' window that pops up, enter your Name, Phone Number, and Email Address as indicated. 

    GivingScore contact info
  3. When you are ready to submit your file, Click Submit File Now to send the file to Blackbaud. 
  4. Click OK on the confirmation message that pops up. 
  5. After sending the file, allow 48 hours for processing. The Giving Score process is automated, and you will receive an automatic email once the file is ready for download in the Data Health Center.
  6. Once the Giving Score information is ready to be downloaded, please review  How to download and update Giving Score results