How to change the color of Hyperlink text in an email message

When editing an email in Blackbaud NetCommunity, a user wishes to change the default colors of hyperlink text.
1. Edit the email message
2. Click on the HTML button
3. Press Ctrl+F to find the HTML referenced in the instructions below
4.  Use this external link: to find some common color codes

Change Hyperlink Color with Inline Style Sheet

Adding the Style Attribute to an Anchor Tag

The Style attribute can be added to many HTML Tags. Below is an example of how to add the style attribute to an Anchor Tag in order to change the color of a hyperlink.

Add the following code to your HTML document and change the color values and URL as required:


<a style="color: #800000" href="" >Link Text</a>


Link Text


    #800000 = Variable Value.
    color = CSS Property. More than one property can be added within the Style Attribute. Just place a semicolon (;) and a space after the last value like this:


    <a style="color: #800000; text-decoration: none; background: #80FF80" href="" >Link Text</a>


     6.35.1001 patch 37

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