How to analyse records updated by MailWise Data Cleansing Service (UK Version)

How to create queries to analyse updates made by MailWise
When your data has been processed through the Blackbaud MailWise cleansing service and the returned files have been imported into The Raiser's Edge, addresses will have been cleansed and both constituent and address attributes may have been added to the records.

See What is MailWise for more information on the attributes used by Blackbaud MailWise.

Once the return file has been imported then see Analyse Records Updated by MailWise for information on various queries that can be created to analyse the data, depending on which MailWise services you have selected.

If the services you have chosen include E-Mail Append, Mobile Append or Wealth Snapshot then see the applicable Help Guide in MailWise Supplementary Services article for the relevant queries that can be created.

Please contact your Account Manager for more information
You can call 0845 658 8590 if in the UK or +44 (0)207 921 9607 if outside the UK.
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