To delete a Source Code:

  1. Navigate to Control>Code Library>Source Codes
  2. Mark the box next to the Name of the source code and click Delete

Note: Some source codes may be greyed out and not available for selection. This occurs when the source codes are in use for a mailing. Additionally, some source codes may seem like they can be deleted, but after clicking delete, the user receives an error message saying "Source Codes in use can not be removed". This occurs when the code has been used for online transactions.

This is by design to prevent Source Code information that exists on records or mailings from being removed, thus removing any record of that Source Code from those functions.  In order to delete a Source Code that is greyed out or prompting an error message you have to remove it from any areas that it has already been used or is in use within Blackbaud Sphere, then repeat the above steps.