Connector Errors: Sphere Integration Service not connecting to server

After updating the Connector on the server, the following errors occur in succession on the log tab of the Scheduler:

Error: Batch not initialized. Check Configuration / Sphere connection.

Error: Sync has been disabled.
Error: @end_date is not a parameter for procedure _sp_batch_init.


Try each of the following until the issue is resolved:
  1. Verify the user is logged in as a local administrator.
  2. On the machine where the service is installed, go to Start > Run > Services.msc:
                      o Locate Integration Service [Account ID] and verify this matches your organizations Blackbaud Sphere Account ID
                      o If the Sphere Account ID is incorrect, Uninstall/Reinstall the Connector with the correct Account ID.
  3. Ensure the Connector service is installed on only one machine.
  4. Check Help/About Sphere Integration on all machines to ensure each connector instance has been updated.
  5. Verify the Server Name is correct:
                      o  To locate server name: On the Server: Start > Right Click on My Computer > Computer Name Tab.
                      o To edit server name in Connector: The Raiser's Edge > Sphere > Scheduler > Configuration > Sphere Host Connection.
  6.  Verify you can log in to Sphere with the Connector Username and Password:
                      o If you are unable to login, reset the connector user password
                      o  Enter the new password in RE > Sphere > Scheduler > Configuration > Sphere Connection.
  7. Ensure  network's proxy and firewall settings are valid.
  8. Change the user running the integration service from local system to Administrator:              
    Start > Run > Services.msc > Integration Service [Account ID
                     o   Right click > Choose Properties > Logon Tab
                     o   Select second radio button , enter Administrator username/password
                     o   Apply & OK > Restart Service
  9. Uninstall and Reinstall the latest version of the Connector.
If you are still receiving the errors, please Chat With Support and reference this article. .

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