Pages, Parts, Images, and Templates:

Version 6.45 and lower:  Parts, pages, and templates cannot be individually restored. The only way to restore one of these items is to restore the entire NetCommunity database to a point in time when the affected items are known to have existed as-desired. Blackbaud also highly advises that if a restore of a NetCommunity website is performed, that the Raiser's Edge and Education Edge (if used) databases also be restored to matching points in time to ensure data integrity.

Version 6.45 and above: Parts, images, pages, and templates can be individually restored in NetCommunity under Site Explorer. 
  1. Log into NetCommunity and navigate to Site Explorer.
  2. Select either Pages & Templates or Parts or Image Library.
  3. On the left, located the Deleted option (Deleted Parts or Deleted Pages/Templates or Deleted Images) at the top of the Folder list. (Note: You may need to scroll up to locate this.) 
  4. To restore an item:
  • Pages & Templates or Parts: Mark the checkbox in the Action column for the row that corresponds to item you wish to restore. Click Restore at the top.
  • Images: Click on the box around the image. Click Restore at the top.

Note: Fundraising Personal Pages that are deleted cannot be restored. The fundraiser would need to create a new page.

Layouts and Style Sheets

As site layouts are designed directly using HTML, there is not a restore option. 

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