The Infinity Platform SDK is a suite of tools, documents, libraries and templates that allow developers to author custom features or program against existing features in Infinity-based products.  The SDK includes everything a developer needs to author complete, feature-rich applications on the Infinity Platform.

Using the Infinity Platform SDK, developers can:
  • Implement new CRUD forms for viewing, adding, editing, and deleting data in the application.
  • Create new record operations and business processes that reflect organization-specific workflows.
  • Completely tailor the application for a specific user/role by authoring features that support that user/role.
  • Author entirely new applications and sub-applications that run within the Infinity shell.
  • Reorganize built-in features around custom workflows to tailor the application to your organization’s specific needs.
  • Integrate 3rd party applications by consuming web services exposed by the application.
The SDK includes the following:
  • A complete set of VB project and item templates for Visual Studio that facilitate creating features that plug into Infinity-based applications.  Using these templates, you can easily create server-side implementations as well as client-side user interfaces to add new functionality to the Infinity “catalog” system.
  • The .xsd schemas used to define each type of feature available for use in an Infinity-based application (data forms, data lists, record operations, business processes, dashboards, etc).  These schemas allow Visual Studio to provide nice Intellisense when authoring catalog documents.
  • A new toolbox for use in Visual Studio when designing user interfaces.  This toolbox makes creating the user experience a simple matter of dragging-and-dropping items onto the design surface.  The controls and associated labels, as well as all control mappings, are set up automatically. 
  • The set of .Net assemblies to be reference when building catalog and client projects.
  • Several command-line developer utilities that integrate into the Visual Studio External Tools menu.
  • A data dictionary document in hyperlink help format.  This definitive schema reference includes detailed information about every object in the database as well as full color-coded source code for all stored procedures, functions, and triggers.
  • Additional documentation on extensibility features such as Web Dashboards, web-based shell pages, and LINQ code generation.
  • A set of samples including complete compile-able source code that demonstrate the various extensibility points of an Infinity-based application.  Included in the samples is a sub-application that demonstrates an entire suite of features built around a functional “Widget” entity, including data entry screens, ad-hoc query views, batch entry, etc.
  • Support for side-by-side development against multiple versions of the application.
  • Additional FxCop code analysis rules for ensuring consistent implementations.  These rules are also used internally at Blackbaud.
  • A set of MSBuild files that can be used to develop unit tests against customizations, automate the running of those tests, and report on the results of the unit tests.