The NetCommunity plugin in The Education Edge will calculate matches based off of Business Rules in The Education Edge if the process is run.

If no matches are calculated, or added manually, EE will create a new record with the provided information. 

This process has to be done every time the the plugin is opened to process forms:
  1. Log in to The Education Edge
  2. Click the NetCommunity button
  3. Click the Process Submitted Admissions Forms link
  4. Click the Arrow beside Manage Matches
  5. Click Calculate Matches

Once Matches have been calculated, please check relationship matches for each form before processing: 
  1. Click the Arrow Beside Manage Matches
  2. Click View Applicant Match(es), if there is an applicant match
  3. Verify the Applicant Record linked is the correct applicant record
    • If this is not the correct applicant record, click Remove Applicant Match(es).
    • A match can be added manually by clicking Add a Match to Applicant.
  4. Click the Arrow Beside Manage Matches
  5. Click View Relationship Matches
  6. Verify the matches are correct.
    • A matched record can be opened by selecting the row and clicking the View Match(es) button.
    • A match can be added manually by clicking the Add a Match button.
    • A match can be removed by clicking the Remove Match(es) button. 
  7. Click OK 
  8. Click Process Form to process the form