What is MailWise and what does it do? (UK version)

What is MailWise Data Cleansing Service in the UK

Blackbaud’s MailWise Service is the perfect solution for not-for-profit organisations who want to clean address and phone information on selected constituents. 
The MailWise Service checks address information against Postal Address File (PAF), National Change of Address (NCOA) and Electoral-Roll Verification databases.  Telephone numbers are checked and verified against the Ex-directory and Telephone Preference Service lists.

Blackbaud will run your data through a free check, which will advise you on the match rate and cost of the data cleansing service.  Your Blackbaud Account Manager will email the report to you and discuss the report results.

After the screening is complete and you wish to proceed with the service, Blackbaud will assist you in importing the cleansed addresses and phone details along with the attributes/user defined fields that will allow you to identify those records cleaned by the service

For further details, please refer to the following reference documents:

Please contact your Account Manager for more information on sending your data for a free MailWise Audit on 0845 658 8590 if in the UK
or +44 (0)207 921 9607 if outside the UK or you can email solutions@blackbaud.co.uk 

Alternatively see How to send data for MailWise Audit  for more information on sending your data. 


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