To resolve this issue please perform the following:

Click Chat with Support and reference this article. 

Please document the below requested information and provide to the Customer Support Analyst assisting with this issue:
  1. Does this issue occur on all application servers? If so, which hosted application server(s) are being accessed when issue occurs?
  2. Are you accessing the BBNC Plug-in version of your application when the issue occurs?
  3. What is the exact wording of the error messages experienced (if applicable)?
  4. What are the steps to duplicate the error message or PaperSave® feature functionality issue?
  5. Are all hosting users and/or application users affected? If not, which specific users are affected? 
  6. If specific hosting users are affected, are the Logon Name and Pre-Windows 2000 Logon Name field values matching in the hosting user account properties