Complete the following steps to troubleshoot Performance issues:
  1. If you use a wireless connection, connect the workstation to the network using a wired connection.
  2. Determine if all users are experiencing performance issues.
    1. If all users are experiencing the issue, it could be related to a large process running. This could be a large report (ex. a year's worth of data), or the post to GL process running a large amount of records. If there is something like this being run, once it completes try running it in smaller chunks. 
  3. If not, what is the operating system and browser of the affected workstations?
  4. Check the minimum system requirements and make sure your workstation is meeting these specs.
  5. Run a Speed Test while slowness is being experienced. The minimum speed requirements are 10 download / 10 upload. If you do not meet speed requirements, please work with your IT and Internet Service Provider to increase the speeds. 
    1. gives us a graphical display of internet speed. It calculates Upload and Download bandwidth, showing results for both. Low results (<10mbps) are indicative of issues with Internet Service Provider quality and are below Altru's minimum system requirements.
    2. Select a location in New York or Massachusetts to test against, then the repeat the test with a location in California.
    3. After each test is complete, click Share This Result, then click Copy to get a link to the results that can be sent to Blackbaud for review.If slowness is experienced on Point-of-Sale workstations, make sure they are on the most recent version of Internet Explorer.  Please visit Microsoft Update to automatically update Internet Explorer to most recent version supported by your version of Windows.
    4. requires Adobe Flash. If you do not have access to Adobe Flash, please instead use to obtain your download speed.
  6. If you are not working in the point of sale and do not need to print directly from Altru, we recommend to use Google Chrome as the browser. Click here to download Google Chrome.
    If meeting the system requirements and updating to the fastest browser available to you does not resolve the issue please follow the steps below to gather information that will help us to assist you.
  7. Review your discounts:
    1. In Tickets select Ticketing and merchandise discounts.
    2. Mark any discounts that are not in use as inactive.
  8. Review Workstation Setup & Machine Names. Each printer should have a unique name and no network printers.
  9. Ping the Blackbaud Hosting Services Servers and interpret their results when the process runs quickly and when it runs slowly. Take a screenshot of results.
    1. Open Command Prompt and choose one line below that matches the beginning of your Altru URL to run. Let run 2-5 minutes. Best to get in the moment:

      • ping -t
      • ping -t
      • ping -t
      • ping -t
      • ping -t
        • Note: To Stop - Control C
  10. Run a tracert to the Blackbaud Hosting Services Servers and interpret the results. Take a screenshot of results.
    1. Open Command Prompt and choose one line below that matches the beginning of your Altru URL to run:

      • tracert
      • tracert
      • tracert
      • tracert 
      • tracert 
  11. Keep a log of specific times when these issues occur Date & Time and include in attachments of case
  12. Capture a Jing video of the slowness. Ensure the Jing video shows the steps you are completing from start to finish. 
  13. Chat with Support and reference this article providing information to the questions above.