This is caused by the Display settings in Windows 7 or higher being set to Medium or Larger:
  1. Click Start on the computer
  2. Select Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization
  3. Click Display
  4. Choose Smaller
  5. Save your selection
  6. If prompted, restart the computer for the settings to take effect.
In Windows XP:
  1. Select Control PanelDisplay
  2. Select Settings > Advanced
  3. Choose Display - Change from Large Size to Normal Size
  4. Apply the settings
  5. If prompted, restart the computer for the changes to take effect.

If changing the text settings is not an option:
  • To link fund: Since the 'OK' button is there but not visible, after choosing the fund, pressing TAB then ENTER to select the fund.
  • To link tribute: Click F7 to search for the Honor/Memorial name