I need to add a new merchandise item (includes video demo)

Altru provides your organization the ability to sell merchandise items. You may have a new item you'd like to add to your system. 
To add a merchandise item, you must have the Guest Services Manager System Role. 
  1. From Merchandise, click Add Merchandise.
  2. Configure the Merchandise information:
    1. Enter the name of the item
    2. Add a description of the item if needed
    3. Select a department and category or add one using the User-added image icon
    4. Enter the vendor for the shipment or item
    5. Mark if this item is allowed to receive discounts
    6. Determine if the item is taxable and select the appropriate tax from the drop-down menu
  3. Enter the sales settings for the merchandise item under Merchandise Details:
    1. Cost: how much the vendor charges for the item
    2. Retail Price: how much you will sell the item for in Altru
    3. Quantity: how many items are on hand
    4. Barcode/ alternate lookup: UPC or other code used for the item
  4. Select save.
Note: Altru will generate a SKU number once you save the item. The SKU or any number entered in the alternate lookup field can be used in the scan process.


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