Educational Institution field is missing entries on a Directory Part

In Blackbaud CRM, numerous entries exist under Administration > Educational Catalog > Educational Institutions. When this field is made available as a search field in a Blackbaud NetCommunity Directory Part, not all entries appear in the drop-down box.

Note that when new entries are added to the catalog and code tables are refreshed, these DO appear in the drop-down. Newly added institutions are not affected.
This issue will occur when a BBIS site is set up with a BBEC database but a user has not yet updated the ID mappings. To resolve:
  1. Login to the BBEC environment
  2. Go to Web > Manage Web Transactions
  3. Under "Tasks" on the left-hand side, click Update ID Mapping
  4. Allow the process to complete
  5. Refresh the BBIS page



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