Sponsorship child preferences are not updated when committing a Sponsor batch

Sponsorship preferences are not saving after Sponsor Batch is committed, the preferences remain Greatest need on the sponsor record.  Even when assigning reserved children, some sponsors indicate sponsorship preferences (age, gender, location).  The preferences are importing into the Sponsorship Save batch correctly; however, once the batch is committed, the preferences are defaulting to Greatest need in the sponsorship details tab.
The Preferences are stored relating only to a specific Sponsorship, and not as an overall Constituent Sponsorship preference, which is why we see these results.

Steps to Duplicate

Prerequisite setup is to have child sponsorships in the database

1.  Create a sponsor batch, including a few fields from Opportunity criteria (age range, gender)
2.  Enter a financial sponsor and select a sponsorship program with a type of Child
3.  Enter values in Gender and Age range
4.  Commit the batch
5.  Open the sponsorship that was created in the batch and access the Details tab and notice Gender and Age ranges are still set to Greatest need, instead of the values entered in batch


 Blackbaud CRM

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