Please do not enter or post any batches until you have completed this fix.

1) Check if the Fiscal Year and Fiscal Month were updated. If they have not been updated then you stopped the process before it got too far. You may continue entering and posting transactions.
2) If there has been a change to the Fiscal Year or Fiscal Month, do not enter or post any batches. Submit a ticket on Case Central. You may complete the following steps on your own.
-Go to Activity Type Code Entry to check each Start Date and correct if needed. Also check the period dates and correct those if you are using them.
-Find any open batches that were created since End of Month Processing ran. Correct the fiscal month on Batch Summary and this will automatically carry over to the batch detail items.
-If you had to fix the Start Dates in Activity Type Code entry then you will probably need to fix some of the benefit start dates in batch_detail manually. Start by checking a few benefits to new donors.