The best way to handle this scenario is to create a preregistered scheduled program and create events with a 0 person capacity on all events except the first date of the event. Using the above example, if the capacity for the class is 25 constituents, you will create the initial date of the event on Monday with a capacity of 25 and then create the following classes of the month with a capacity of 0. This will ensure that the events appear on the calendar and you do not double book the location.

To add the scheduled program classes:
  1. Go to Tickets > Add scheduled program
  2. Fill out the appropriate information about the program
  3. Ensure the Requires registration box is checked
  4. On the Calendar tab on the right, click Add
  5. Fill out the information for the first event of the series with the actual capacity
  6. Click Save
  7. Click Add to add the remaining events, except select a capacity of 0
Note: To ensure that you maintain an accurate roster of patrons who are registered for the class, you may run the Pregistered program roster report under Sales.

If tickets need to be sold after the first event in the series has already occurred, they may be sold in Advance Sales:
  1. Go to Sales > Advance Sales
  2. Go to the Create order tab
  3. Select the appropriate date filters to include the date of the event
  4. Check the box to "Include past events"
  5. Click Apply
  6. Complete the order