Every address provided in the AddressFinder import will return at least one of the following attributes:
  1. Forwardable Move - The constituent  has moved to a new address and the record will be updated to reflect the move. Additional details include the move type of individual, family or business.
  2. Moved No Forwarding Address Can Be Returned - The constituent has moved but did not leave a forwarding address for the post office. Additional details inlcude the move type of individual, family or business.
  3. Valid - The address submitted or returned is formatted to match the post office standards.
  4. Valid-Corrected - The address submitted has been standardized to match the post office standards. There has been a formatting change to the record.
  5. Non Correctable - The address submitted did not match the post office formatting nor could it be corrected.
The attributes Forwardable Move and Moved No Forwarding Address refer to the physical match of the name and address submitted. The attributes Valid, Correctable and Uncorrectable are only confirming if the address submitted or returned is deliverable. It does not confirm that the constituent submitted lives at the address.

Further information about Canadian Addresses and the Change of Address Notification form can be found at http://www.canadapost.ca