The logic behind the Apply to Commitments (AtC) form in an Enhanced Revenue Batch is:

·    Commitments come in several classes - pledge, event registration, recurring gift, etc.
·    There’s a priority to those classes to determine what a payment should go to first.
·    If a payment row is added with an amount that exactly matches a commitment, set the application to that commitment without launching AtC.
.    If multiple commitments match, take the one from the highest priority class.  If multiple from that class match, launch AtC.
·    If a payment row is added with an amount that doesn’t exactly match a commitment, launch AtC with the payment fully applied to a commitment from the highest priority class available.
.    If the amount of the payment is greater than the amount of the payment, leave the rest of the amount unapplied so the user decides what to do with it.

Priority list:

1. Sponsorships
2. Membership renewal within renewal date window
3. Order/Reservation
4. Recurring gift
5. Pledge
6. Planned gift
7. Event registration
8. Matching gift claim

In the specific example raised in the case the user has to select the desired commitment from the Application field's drop-down list if it is not the priority set based on the details above.