Designation on order does not reflect changes to designation on payment record when editing a posted point of sale donation

When you edit a posted sales order payment to change the designation of a point of sale donation, the payment side of the transaction saves those changes, but the order side of the transaction does not change.  This will cause the sales reports and revenue reports to be mismatched. Queries will report the original designation as well.
In order to have all records update with the correct designation, the order must be refunded and reentered.  It's recommended to use a payment method of "other" to refund and reenter the transaction.

Refund the old order with a custom payment method:
  1. On the Sales page select Refunds
  2. Use the search window that appears to find the order which contains the donation and click Continue
  3. On the next page, select the items to refund, or just refund the entire order
  4. Select the Payment Method of "Other" in the Refund Method field at the bottom
  5. Click complete Refund

    Go here for more information about creating refunds
Reenter the sales order:
  1. Go to Daily, or Advance Sales
  2. Select the constituent from the previous sales order
  3. Add the desired donation to the order and any other items that were removed from the previous sales order
  4. Add the payment of "Other" to the sales order and click Complete



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