This message is caused by using the same segment code as another segment and/or selection(s). 

Currently the application does not allow for us to modify the segment code, including the ability to increase it, due to it being in use by the system/segments.  Our options at this point are the following:

Create the duplicate, which won't negatively impact anything.  The only portion of the application that may be problematic with this solution would be if we have any queries that use the Segment code as a filter criteria.

Our other option would be to create a new segment code type by going to Marketing and Communications, Source Codes, Source Code Parts tab, double clicking Segments, and adding a new line item for a new segment type.  I would suggest using the format of something like '????' which would allow you four characters of either alpha or numeric characters.  The only problem with this resolution is that you would have to create an entirely new source code layout as well.

The last option would be to add another segment code type as just discussed, but we would have to make it the same length as the one currently being used so that we can use it with our current source code layout.  This means we would want to create a new segment code for two characters, so I would suggest using '??' so that we can use either alpha or numeric characters.  This will allow us to use the code in our current source code layout and be able to enter source codes such as A1, B2, CC, 44, etc.  This will increase our segment code options quite a bit giving us some more room for unique segment codes.