This error occurs when processing a batch and selecting an inactive merchant account.

If a known inactive merchant account was accidentally selected in Batch, attempt the processing again in Batch:
  1. Click Yes if prompted that a transmission file has already been created for this batch...
  2. Verify the correct merchant account is selected.
  3. Proceed with the processing.

If the selected merchant account is not supposed to be inactive, review its settings:
  1. Click Config > Business Rules > Merchant Accounts.
  2. Find the specified merchant account in the list.
  3. Ensure the Inactive box for the merchant account is set to No.
  4. If it's Yes, double-click to open the record.
  5. Verify the account is set to active. (Optionally, note the exact merchant account name entered here. If there are several accounts with similar names, such as "Blackbaud Merchant Services -1" and "Blackbaud Merchant Services - 2", this will help ensure the right one is being used in the Batch.)
  6. Click Save and close.
  7. Proceed with the processing