MaestroSoft has recently rolled out AMPro verson 5, which is the next generation of AMPro.  One of the features is that it combines the .peo and .auc files into one event file. This version uses Access 2010 as its backend, and the AMPro/RE7 integration is NOT compatible with it.  Unfortunately right now there is no timeline for Blackbaud to update the integration to work with AMPro 5. 

However, MaestroSoft has developed the Raiser's Edge Sync Utility (RESU) with their partner JMG (who have also developed the JMG Super Import Exporter RE7 plugin), and it uses the "maestro cloud" as a way point so that AMPro 5 and the JMG SIE plugin can pass .CSV files back and forth.  By using the web service this way, the RESU is compatible with RE7 (local), RE7 (hosted), and RE NXT. This utility is supported by Maestro, not Blackbaud.  For more information about this utility, please contact your Blackbaud Account Manager.

Questions regarding the AuctionMaestro Pro Integration or Maestro Software can be directed to Maestro Support.