Ensure that the authorization code was not manually added by the user. If the authorization code is 3-digits, it is possible that the user entered the CSC code mistakenly in the authorization code field.

If the card was not charged successfully, please re-enter and re-run the transactions:

If it was a payment:
  1. Go to Revenue > Add a payment
  2. Enter the payment information
  3. Fill out the credit card information and check the "Authorize card on save" box
  4. Click Save
If it was a batch that was committed:
  1. Go to Revenue > Transaction search and pull up all payments that were already committed
  2. Take screenshots of each payment or write down the information, and delete each payment
  3. Go to Revenue > Batch Entry
  4. Add a batch
  5. Enter all the necessary payments and their information
  6. Save and close the batch
  7. Go to Revenue > EFT > Credit card processing and add or edit an existing process
  8. Select "Existing batch" and choose the batch in the above step
  9. Click Save, and start the process
  10. Go to Revenue > Batch Entry and open the batch
  11. Confirm there are authorization codes and commit the batch