To report on all newly established recurring donations:

1.  Go to Control > Query
2.  Click on New and select Gifts Query.
3.  Set the following input filters:
      a.  Under Gifts and Gift Information, select Gift Type and click Add.  In the popup window select [Equals] [Recurring Gift].
      b.  Under Gifts and Gift Information, select Installment Start Date and click Add.  In the popup window select the date range you want to return results for.
4.  With these filters established, click Next.
5.  In the Output page, select the fields you want to return in your results.
       NOTE:  You can use the up and down arrows on the right side of your window to sort the fields to the order you desire.
6.  Click Finish.

This will run a query to return all recurring gifts that have their first installment within the date range you've specified.