A data item can be set up to add health care deductions and Employer paid benefits together. It is not necessary as W2s will allow entry of up to 10 data items that will add together on the W2.  Also, User-Defined reports allow you to add multiple data item columns together.  The main reason to do this is if you want to report the amount on pay stubs or if you have more than 10 data items.  Be sure and test this out in your test division before running on a live payroll to make sure you have set it up correctly and added the needed data items.

An Historical Data Item can be added to your system that is similar to the toolbox data item FICA BENE. In the example below, that is the data item that was used, and the COMNT lines were modified, but even that is not necessary.  Lines starting at 100 are adding health care deductions and benefits together into this one data item.  In the model division, C HEALTH was the deduction and E HEALTH was the employer provided benefit.  There is no limit to the number of data items that can be added.

When adding the data item, when prompted to "use data item" select FICA BENE and modify as needed. The calc order number selected in field 3 needs to be higher than the numbers used on the data items you are adding on the calculation lines.

Data item .........: ACA        (  406)                       Changed.: 12/28/11
                                                              User....: 00101
 1) Description....: Affordable Care

 2) Short desc.....: Total ACA

 3) User options
    History type...:     O - Other.
    Calc cycle.....:     Y - Calculation always used.
    Calc order.....:   750
    Print on stub..:     N - Do not print on stub.
    Detail register:     N - Do not produce detail register
    Post to vendor.:        0 - Do not post to A/P

 4) Earning options
    Entry type.....:     N - No time card entry used.
    Rate from......:
    Multiply by....:
    Use shift......:
    Use costcode...:
    Use dist table.:
    Chg acct/basis.:
    Basis for......:

 5) Roll options
    Roll forward...:     N - Do not roll forward.
    Amount limit...:
    Hours limit....:

 6) Ledger options
    Post G/L.......:     N - No G/L posting for this item.
    Debit option...:
      Prorate on...:
    Credit option..:
      Prorate on...:

 7) System
    Source.........:     S - Defined by system.
    In use.........:     Y - Data item has been used.
    Group process..:

                     8)  Line Command Detail
                        ===== ======= ==============================================================
                            1 COMNT   *******************************************************
                            2 COMNT
                            3 COMNT   DESCRIPTION: Total of Health care data items
                            4 COMNT   for the current pay period.
                           20 COMNT
                           21 COMNT   SETUP NOTES:  Add a calculation line for health care
                           22 COMNT   data items that apply to affordable care
                           40 COMNT
                           41 COMNT   CALCULATION:

Run date: 12/28/2011 @ 09:05                    Division 95
Bus date: 12/29/2011                                 Historical Data Items List                                PYITEMH.L95  Page   2

Data item .........: ACA        (  406)                       Changed.: 12/28/11
                                                              User....: 00101
** Continued **

                     8)  Line Command Detail
                        ===== ======= ==============================================================
                           42 COMNT   Starting with line 100, add a line for health care
                           43 COMNT   data items using the following commands:
                           44 COMNT   Command:          REGOP
                           45 COMNT   Internal reg #:   2
                           46 COMNT   Reg operation:    + - Add to register
                           47 COMNT   Reg/Item/Value:   I - Data item
                           48 COMNT   Cur amount:       <DATA ITEM NAME>
                           49 COMNT
                           50 COMNT   Substitute the name of the historical data item used to
                           51 COMNT   track Affordable Health Care <DATA ITEM NAME>,
                           52 COMNT
                           59 COMNT
                           99 COMNT   *******************************************************
                          100 REGOP   reg(2) op(+) item(C HEALTH,cur,amount)
                          110 REGOP   reg(2) op(+) item(E HEALTH,cur,amount)

                     9) Tbl    Date    Entry      Minimum      Maximum  Flat amount         Rate Xcs
                        === ========== ===== ============ ============ ============ ============ ===