Complete each of these steps until the issue is resolved:
  1. Make sure that there is an event scheduled for that day and time
    1. If you did attempt to schedule an event for this time but it still does not appear, review the Conflicts tab of the Program Record, resolve any conflicts to schedule the event
  2. Be sure that the start time of the reservation occurs before the scheduled event is set to begin.  If your group reservation start time is 1:00pm, then your schedule event start time must be1:00pm or later.  
  3. Make sure that the search filters you are using to find the schedule event are not excluding the one you are searching for.
  4. Remove the Between times so you are not filtering out certain program events.
  5. Make sure the arrival date matches the date you are selecting to add the event or the event date is in the future.
    1. Note: If the event has passed, you will need to adjust the On sale information so the program events can be sold in the past:
      1. Go to Tickets > Program search > Select the appropriate program
      2. Go to the On-sale tab
      3. Highlight Group Sales and click "Edit"
      4. For "On-sale period end," choose "Minutes after start"
      5. Enter a total number of minutes that will allow you to sell to your past event
  6. Ensure that the program you are trying to add does not Require registration.  Preregistered programs require that a constituent be assigned to each registration and group sales do not do this.
If the issue is still not resolved, Chat with Support and reference this article. .