1. Navigate to the ...\bbappfx\vroot\browser\brand\current folder.
  2. With Notepad, open the product that you wish to see (for instance, bbec.brandoptions.xml if you want to see Blackbaud CRM branding).
  3. Open the brandoptions.xml file (again with Notepad).
  4. Copy everything from the product specific brandoptions file (bbec.brandoptions.xml).
  5. Paste this information over anything already listed in the brandoptions.xml file.
  6. Save the brandoptions.xml file.
  7. Clear the internet browser cache:
    1. In Internet Explorer select Tools>Internet Options.
    2. Select the General tab and click Browsing History, then Delete to clear the history/cache.
  8. The new branding options should now be displayed for the Infinity application.
If the branding is not updated, recycle the app pool in IIS.