1. Save the image onto your computer’s Desktop.
  2. Open your “Paint” application (All Programs -> Accessories -> Paint  for Windows 7 just type "paint" in your start menu)
    • *This may be different per computer, but most computers have a standard “Paint” application
  3. Go the File and Open up the picture
  4. The image will appear into the white area of your paint application.  You can size the picture to whatever you’d like by going to image -> Resize button on the tool bar.  Adjust the pixel rate, not the percentage, to a advise amount of 300(horizontal) x 200 (vertical)
  5. Go to File and select Save As. Make sure you save this file as a.JPEG or .JPG.
  6. After logging into your Sphere account, you can now upload the photo through your Image Library (Control -> Administration -> Tools -> Image Library)