A directory part can be used to display the results of a query from The Raiser's Edge with the list of registrants of an event or donors. Follow the steps below to create the directory part.

  1. Create a Constituent Query in The Raiser's Edge to find all the event participants or donors
  2. Log in to the NetCommunity site
  3. Create a new page for the participant list 
  4. Click Edit this page on the new page
  5. Click the empty content pane box where you would like to place the list
  6. Click New Part
  7. Choose Directory as the part type and enter a name for the part
  8. Click Next
  9. Choose the constituent query that we created in step 1 for the Limit to query field under the Records to Include section
  10. Mark the checkbox for Load unfiltered results when this part is loaded under the Search Form section
  11. Select the fields you want to display under the Available fields section
  12. Click the > button for Listing Fields
  13. Click Save