Try the following until the issue is resolved:

If this is happening on multiple workstations, try the following:

  1. In Tickets, Program Search, open the affected program. 
  2. On the Event list tab, ensure that events are scheduled.  
  3. Ensure the event is not sold out and does not have an availability of 0. Availabliity screenshot
  4. Go to the On Sale tab of the program.  Ensure that the on sale period is correct for Daily Sales.  If not, click Edit and change the On Sale period, click Save.
  5. Click on your event on the event list tab.
  6. On the event, go to the Prices tab.
    1. If the event has custom prices (it will say assign custom prices), ensure the price type for your button is also on the program. 
    2. To check that the price type is on the program, go to Tickets > Program Search> select your program and go to Prices tab.  Confirm the same price types exist.  If not, click Add and add the custom price type that is on the event.
    3. In Tickets, Price Lists, highlight the Program, click Edit
    4. Select a program to use this price list, such as Admission
  7. Ensure your time zone is correctly configured in Administration > Time Zones.  Mark your time zone as the default.
  8. Delete and recreate the daily sales page button 
  1. In Tickets, Configure Daily Sales Page, highlight the button not showing
  2. Change the Time options from one button for each event time to another option (If the first option is selected the button will only show on the date of the program)

If this is happening only on one workstation, try the following:

  1. clear your browser cache, cookies, and temporary Internet files